Instructions on folding the templates:

  • Keep a photo of the finished design ready at hand before folding!
  • Pay attention to what is the front and the back of the template (the back is marked with a removable sticker).
  • All «mountain folds» (= the paper ridge points towards you) are marked with dotted perforations. Folding from the back of the template, these will be valley folds.
  • All «valley folds» (= the paper ridge points away from you) are scored with a continuous scoring line ON THE BACK of the template. Folding from the back of the template, these will be mountain folds.
  • START BY FOLDING ALL THE FOLDS PARTIALLY. DON´T MAKE ANY HARD FOLDS (bending the paper all the way over) BEFORE YOU HAVE FOLDED ALL THE FOLDS PARTIALLY.  YOU WILL RISK TEARING THE PAPER OR MAKING FOLDS IN THE WRONG PLACES. Since many of the angles of the design depend on each other, this is important to achieve a pretty result.
  • After folding all folds partially, gradually sharpen them. The design becomes more stable if it is ultimately collapsed – but before doing so, double check that all the folds are going in the correct direction. 
  • The designs looks great placed in front of a window or with some other form of backlight source.
  • The white versions of the designs may be colored – preferably use water based felt-tip markers.